Bow of Thol the Scout

Here is a new item for Dungeon World. Yes, it is inspired by Shadow of Mordor 🙂

Bow of Thol the Scout (near, far, 1 weight)

Thol was part of a small scouting party that was slaughtered by a gnoll patrol. Their heads were put on spikes, but Thol’s body was found by his captain just outside of their camp, a hundred yards from the attack.

Apart from the silver tips holding a silver string, this composite wooden bow looks like those crafted for the soldiers of the Southern Hills.

This bow can be used like any other one, but when you whisper “we’ve got to warn them” before releasing an arrow, spend 1 ammo and roll +DEX. You teleport yourself where the arrow lands. On a 10+, you’re exactly where and how you wanted to be. On a 7-9, you’re close enough, but disoriented by the travel and you need a moment to adjust. On a 6-, as 7-9, but you also left something behind; the DM will say what it is.


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