Stars Without Number psionic power translated into moves

I am reading Stars Without Number and preparing a sandbox campaign with it. Go read this book : it’s free, and absolutely great. I won’t use SWN system, though; I’ll probably go with a Powered by the Apocalypse game, probably a mix of reskinned Dungeon World and Uncharted Worlds. It’s really nothing more than a first draft, but here are some SWN psionics powers translated into moves :

  • Precognition
    • Intuit the future. Ongoing. Your unconscious takes into account subtle cues in your surroundings and in people’s demeanor that would take place a second or two in the future, and steer you away from danger. Get +1 armor.
    • Reflect on the future. Ongoing. When you take time to meditate, your conscious mind can understand how a future event could unfold in and against your favor. Once that event happens (your call), you can change the result of a dice roll into a 10+.
  • Telekinesis
    • Remote manipulation. Ongoing. You can use the power of your mind to manifest physical force thats is as strong as a human child, lasts about five seconds, is as nimble as a paw and no larger than the size of a regular plate. Roll +INT. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7-9, choose two. On a 6-, choose one, and the GM will tell you how things go wrong :
      • The force you exert can be as strong as an athletic human could exert.
      • You can sustain the effect up to a minute.
      • The force can be applied as precisely as human hands could.
      • The force is the twice the size of a human.
  • Telepathy
    • Communication. Ongoing. You create a mental connexion among people you can touch so that they can communicate with each other just like they would normally, but through thought instead of sound. Once the connexion is made, it’s maintained as long as you want, regardless of distance, but anyone can cut itself from it at any time.

I wrote “Ongoing”, but I think that the mechanics will be different. Psi powers will probably cost HP, and maintaining an ongoing power will probably not impose a -1 penalty, but only one power would be possible to maintain at once.


Bow of Thol the Scout

Here is a new item for Dungeon World. Yes, it is inspired by Shadow of Mordor 🙂

Bow of Thol the Scout (near, far, 1 weight)

Thol was part of a small scouting party that was slaughtered by a gnoll patrol. Their heads were put on spikes, but Thol’s body was found by his captain just outside of their camp, a hundred yards from the attack.

Apart from the silver tips holding a silver string, this composite wooden bow looks like those crafted for the soldiers of the Southern Hills.

This bow can be used like any other one, but when you whisper “we’ve got to warn them” before releasing an arrow, spend 1 ammo and roll +DEX. You teleport yourself where the arrow lands. On a 10+, you’re exactly where and how you wanted to be. On a 7-9, you’re close enough, but disoriented by the travel and you need a moment to adjust. On a 6-, as 7-9, but you also left something behind; the DM will say what it is.